Dissection of a 6 volt SLA Battery

I have a bunch of 6 volt 4 amp hour batteries that were given to me by one of my uncles but they are all very dead, if you shake them you can hear pieces of something bouncing around in them ! not good.
So I decided to dissect one to see what was happening in there.

Starting on the right is the battery case and top, cell assembly 2 positive and 2 negative plates, positive plates, negative plates.
As you can see the negative plates no longer exist, the only thing left is the compound used and the lead holding it together has completely dissolved.

The positive plates are in perfect condition so this led me to think maybe I could recycle the compound left over from the negative plate could be dried out, crushed and made into a paste. The paste could be applied to positive plates that have had the compound removed leaving the lead frame as in the pic above circled in red.

I must leave the compound dry, once its dry I'll continue and update this page.

Rebuilding and compressing the compound into a new plate proved to be almost impossible, so I came up with another idea.
How about just using extra positive plates as the negative plates, I will try it and update with the results.